“Couples, do you still kiss wet kiss?” – Real Warri Pikin seriously questions older married couples (video)

Popular comedienne Real Warri Pikin, recently posted a humorous yet thought-provoking video on her Instagram page, raising a question about older married couples and their kissing habits.

In the video, Real Warri Pikin playfully inquired if couples who have been married for five years or more still engage in what she called “wet kisses.” She clarified that by “wet kiss,” she meant more than just a quick occasional peck that married couples indulged in and rather she meant a prolonged kiss between a couple lasting at least five minutes.

She also noted that the art of wet kisses seemed to be fading away from homes as couples grow older. Real Warri Pikin hinted that the longer couples stay together, the less inclined they might feel towards indulging in wet kisses.

She also lightheartedly shared an observation that some married individuals nowadays seem to skip the kissing stage altogether and just proceed directly to having sex.

Watch Video Here..

Th reactions that have trailed her hilarious yet thoughtful video has been interesting.

Below are some of the comments made by Netizens on the post
Comedian craze clown has this to say

“We stil dey kiss out but no be early mor mor wey kiss oh”

A user known as exoticcaraccesories commented

“Na better dry kiss we dey do now, sometimes the lips no dey even touch each other, na to just trowey am from distance give am, him go come use hand catch the kiss come laste am for him mouth, na that one we dey do now cos emilokan no come dey give us chanceto love up, head full. Sometimes na to use lipstick kiss paper fold am keep inside him office bag, so that when he reach office he go kiss the paper in return. No time again o”

One unofficialnick_ had this to say

“When you use 600 per liter take buy fuel for car, where u wan for see saliva take kiss wet kiss.k 251 likes”

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