Boxer Anthony Joshua insists he is getting his career on the right track ahead of Dillian Whyte shutdown

Anthony Joshua has insisted he is getting his career on the right track ahead of his showdown with Dillian Whyte next month.


The 33-year-old is looking to rebuild after his defeats against Oleksandr Usyk in 2021 and 2022. He returned to winning ways after victory against Jermaine Franklin in April.


That fight was his first under new trainer Derrick James after Joshua decided to move away from home comforts to team up with the American in Texas.


Having failed to shine against Franklin, questions have been raised about whether the change in environment has benefitted Joshua.


The two-time world champion is happy with his current set-up, though, and feels he is doing everything right to get back to the top of the heavyweight division.

‘What’s beautiful about sports is there’s always a next opportunity to prove yourself, so no matter what happens, there’s a process that I’m following and I just know that if we look at history, everything will work out for me,’ he said.

‘I’ve just got to ride the wave, stay consistent, stay focused and when the opportunity presents itself… everyone can write you off, but if you believe in yourself and you continue on your journey, 100 per cent you will overcome.

‘Only you can defeat yourself. Not anyone else.’

Joshua claimed he would retire if he lost to Franklin, but he now appears to have no plans to hang his gloves up any time soon.

‘If I give up and I’m like, “Yeah, I haven’t got it anymore”, then you can say I’m not the same fighter. But I just know this is going to work,’ he continued.

‘People look at you like you’re crazy, which people probably think now, (asking) “why is he not being aggressive?” I just know what I’m doing is going to work at the right time.’


Joshua’s next test against fellow Brit Whyte will go down at the sold-out O2 Arena on August 12.

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