“Anytime I want to give up, I’ll just remember I still have 5 younger siblings” – Nigerian lady who produces palm oil says as she hustles hard in village (Video)

A Nigerian lady who extracts palm oil in the village has vowed never to give up until she bevomes successful in life.

While sharing her story of resilience, the lady revealed that her five younger siblings are the source of her strength and the reason she works hard.

The lady identified as @swagtizzy042 was sighted in a viral video processing palm oil with so much energy and zeal.

She stood inside the oil well with her clothes soaked as she carefully removed the palm nuts.

She captioned the video: “Anytime I wan give up like this, I’ll just remember I still have 5 younger siblings.”

The viral video has ignited reactions from netizens who wished the hard-working lady well.

Lynda863 said: “Nice one my dear ,but I suggest you people should learn how Igbo produce their own palm oil is very nice.”

Humble49 said: “Nne it’s not easy more grace and strength.”

@user2070829694650 reacted: “God bless your hands work dear.”

ABC CREW said: “My village people have got a better way of making oil, that’s why our oil tastes better. may God bless the works of your hands nne it’s not easy.”

HYPEMAN AY said: “Nice one A A God bless your hustle.”

@barbiemide12 said: “Well done baby not a easy work. WAs also born and bought up with dis.”

Sexzy Damilola reacted: “You won’t labour in vain God almighty will crown ur effort.”

@ijezieimmaculata said: “God is you strength dear.”

Watch the video below:


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