Young couple land in hospital after being attacked by a lion

A young couple are currently in the hospital nursing injuries they sustained after a lion attack in Isiolo, Kenya.

Recounting the terrifying ordeal, Michael Apaiyu disclosed that the lion attacked them while they were taking a walk in the forest. He said;

“The lion bit me on my hands, legs, ribs and my back. My wife was walking behind me, so the lion came to attack her, but she ran in front of me, leaving me exposed to the lion. It pounced on me and started scratching me while I was on the ground. I called on my wife to help me.”

In a desperate bid to help her husband, Apaiyu’s wife swiftly passed him a machete, which he used to defend himself. The lion swiftly turned its attention to her, sinking its teeth into her legs and refusing to let go.

He added;

“After we fought the lion for a while, it ran into the bush”.

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