VIDEO: “Women needs to start doing something for themselves and stop looking for rich men to marry” – Evangelist advises

A female pastor has urged women to be understanding and smart in their decision when a man who is not financially buoyant woos them.

She said that if a lady rejects a man today because of his social status and inability to cater to her needs, in the next 10 years she will bow to him.

Speaking during a radio programme, she said the main reason women refuse to be with a strugling guy is because they are comparing themselves with other young ladies who are wearing expensive designers.

She said any woman who wants designer bags or shoes should buy them for themselves instead of waiting for a man to give them money or purchase it for them.

The clergywoman emphasised the need for women to support a man with vision even though he does not have money, instead of living him because he cannot provide.

Watch the video below:

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