“Who is trying to cover up traces?” – Apostle Johnson Suleman questions why police killed one of the suspects arrested in relation to attack on his convoy (video)

One of the suspects involved in the attack on Apostle Johnson Suleman’s convoy has been killed by police following his arrest and Suleman believed this is because someone is trying to bury the truth.

Suleman’s convoy was attacked on Friday evening, October 21, in Edo state. Seven people, including four police officers, were killed in the attack.

Following the incident, one suspect was caught and handed over to the police. But, rather than follow due process, the police allegedly killed him immediately, according to Johnson Suleman and other eyewitnesses.

Suleman is questioning this move by the police. He took to Twitter to ask why the man was not kept alive for questioning so that he can expose his accomplices.

“Why killing him on the spot? Who is trying to cover up traces?” Suleman asked as he shared a video of the suspect.

Vidéo below…..

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