“When I die nobody should come and look at me inside the coffin” – Rapper Erigga

In a recent development, Rapper Erigga whose real name is Erhiga Agarivbie has thrown a quick PSA to his friends and family on what they should not do when he dies.

Taken to the X platform he expressed that when he dies, nobody should take a peek at his dead body in the coffin. He disclosed his reason for this as he shared that he was quite shy and might start laughing.

In his own words he had this to say,

“My own is that, when I die nobody should come and look at me inside the coffin l’m a very shy person, I might laugh”

A few weeks ago, recall that rapper Erigga had taken to instagram to advise men how they should deal with a partner who cheats on them.

He revealed that even though their girlfriend might be cheating on them, they should remember that the heart still belongs to him.

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Some Netizens could not help but note the hint of sarcasm in his statement, seeing as this is a statement often made by men to justify their cheating habits. 

Some took to the comment section to debunk his statement, while some other women took to the comment section to prove that it was possible for a woman to cheat on her partner while still being in love with him.

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