VeryDarkman is trying so hard to be controversial – Speed Darlington

Nigerian rapper and online content creator, Speed Darlington, has shared his two cents on the numerous arrests of social activist, VeryDarkman.

He shared a video on Instagram wherein he condemned the arrest of VeryDarkman, and said the practice of arresting individuals for voicing their opinions is wrong.

According to the musician, although the activist is trying to hard to become controversial, he is going about it the wrong way.

Speed Darlington stressed that he is not a supporter of VDM, but still maintained that individuals should not face arrest for expressing their views.

The US-based musician argued that legal recourse, such as litigation, should be pursued instead of resorting to arrests people unjustifiably.

He further stated that that if VDM wants to remain controversial, there are certain techniques he lacks and needs to adopt if not he will continue landing in police net.

Watch him speak below:

Reacting, @officialdaddygold said; We love VDM anytime and every day!!don’t play or you will learn the hard way.

chidinwagboo; This is one of the most coherent and intelligent things I’ve heard from social media personalities in a while.

slimmsyyetty; Nawa oooo, after Davido’s huge and flamboyant wedding, VDM made it appear nothing happened in less than 24 hours….I mean, wedding gist that should trend for one month. VDM no try, abeg😅

__ifymbaeri; Is CRITIQUE AND CRITIQUING now a new word??? Why I’m I seeing comments everywhere making it look like Akpi spoke a wrong English? lol Akpi is actually very sound and intelligent. If you think his English is incorrect then you need to go back to school 😯

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