Blessing CEO reveals alleged reason why Tunde Ednut cannot come back to Nigeria

Nigerian marriage advisor Blessing CEO has claimed that singer-turned-blogger Tunde Ednut is unable to visit Nigeria.

She stated that Tunde Ednut has been unable to return to his home country for many years due to offenses he committed before escaping to the United States.

Blessing CEO made the charges in a viral video, saying that the celebrity blogger was the one who prompted controversial social media critic VeryDarkman to trash celebrities.

The self-proclaimed relationship specialist threatened to reveal Ednut’s dark past if he continued to push VeryDarkMan to blackmail others.

She challenged the ‘Jingle Bell’ singer to come to Nigeria and encouraged his followers to demand an explanation from him as to why he could not return.

Blessing CEO said; “Should we dig up Tunde Ednut’s past? He has a shady past. Ask him why he hasn’t stepped foot in Nigeria for over a decade.

“He is abroad because he knows that Nigerian law can’t catch up with him there. He is enabling VeryDarkMan but can’t come to Nigeria. I dare him to come to Nigeria. Is he a saint? We know his past. Let him come out, let us dig up his record since you all are blackmailing others with their past.”

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