Those planning to disrupt 2023 polls will be met with full force of the law – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that those planning to disrupt the 2023 general election will be met with “full force of the law“.

The President gave the warning in his new message on Saturday, December 31. Buhari stated that it is important for Nigeria to have another smooth transition of government to whoever the people have decided upon.

The statement read; 

“In year 2023, Nigerians go to the polls to exercise our right to vote and elect a new administration.

“It is an important year for our country to ensure that we have another smooth transition of government, to whoever the people have decided upon.

“This administration’s landmark Amended Electoral Act will ensure that we have free and fair elections across the Nation.

“We as Nigerians must also take responsibility to ensure we participate in ensuring that the 2023 elections are free and fair by not engaging in anti-state activities and other nefarious acts that may affect the run of the polls.

“We must also resist every attempt to be used by politicians to create unrest in any form to disrupt the elections. We, as the government, will ensure such activities are met with the full force of the law.”

Buhari added that Nigerians must continue to assist the armed forces by providing community intelligence and report suspicious moves.

He said; 

“As our security agencies continue to make the country proud, we must continue to assist our patriotic forces by providing much needed community intelligence.

“It is our collective responsibility to ensure that Nigeria remains safe and peaceful for us all. Therefore, we have a duty and obligation to support our troops and intelligence agencies by being alert and reporting anything suspicious.”

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