Man forces lady onto waiting bike as she refuses to go home with him again as agreed after spending heavily on her

An unnamed man sparked conversation on social media when he stopped a bike and forcibly made a lady sit on it after taking her out on a date and spending his money on her, only for her to refuse to go home with him.

The incident was captured in a recent video uploaded on a popular social media platform.

The video, captioned ‘After eating his money and agreeing to go home,’ revealed that the man had spent heavily on the lady after they had previously agreed to go to his house.

However, when she refused to fulfill her end of the deal, the man resorted to other means.

In the video, the man, whose face was not clearly revealed, could be seen trying to force the lady to sit on a bike that was already waiting.

Despite her struggling and trying to fight him off, he used his power to ensure she sat so they could go home together and finalize their deal.

The video attracted much attention, with many people commenting on the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

@miles: “No, I’m not losing weight anymore because wariz dis.”

Alicia Namu: “This is why I don’t want to lose my weight.”

di mariah: “naye ladies learn kungfu for protection to avoid such drama.”

CYVEX: “The boda guy will say, that’s was a bulk good , pay me 100k for transport.”

😘🥰Mimi: “wat if she was being kidnapped , n it was not a joke 🤣🤣,”

Angella: “and that’s the world we are living in, you will be fighting for your life and someone will find it funny, laugh it off, instead of sad.”



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