“This is my baby, my heart beats when you come back” – Elderly man romantically welcomes wife home from work

A young Nigerian lady melts hearts as she showcases the romantic way her dad welcomes his professor wife home every day.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the touching moment a man and his wife who had been at work all day returned home.

In the video, the man was seen chanting praises on his wife the second her car approached and continued until the duo shared a hug.

The woman, despite looking tired from work stress warmly received her husband who brightened her day with his humourous chants.

The video has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who applauded the undying love between the aged couples.

Reactions as lady shows romantic way her dad welcomes his wife home every day

dollarboi78 stated: “U go don know say na d woman d provide pass cuz no hardworking serious man go d get all this kind time.”

i.am.chike stated: “You will never see people that grew up in this kind of home getting a tattoo of a celebrity on their body, you know why? Because they are loved at home. 😌.”

lapearlnyc noted: “Boredom has finished baba.. his gossip partner is back.”

usendollar opined: “My mom and dad can relate ❤️ my dad cook for all of us sometimes ❤️ he gives my mum 2 million every month just for food stuffs ! And mummy can’t even spent up 1 million for all that 😂 so I’m always the beneficiary.”

tina.obiora said: “He is retired 😂 e dey miss ein wife wella now and also thankful she is not yet retired 😍.”

mustafaosewu wrote: “Too funny 😂😂😂 happy life is the best 👏 we Nigerians men are caring right from day one🙌.”

blessedprinx_cosmetics noted: “Just imagine the type of lovely children This couples will raise, family oriented with alot of love and vibes.”

Watch the video below …

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