“They should exchange contact so they can be future besties” – Reactions as couple finds baby girl who looks like their child (Video)

A video stirring reactions online shows the adorable moment a couple was delighted to find a baby girl who looks almost exactly like their child.

In the video which was shared by the wife, @xo_rukky, the husband could be seen carrying their daughter in his arms while they conversed with a baby girl from the window of a car.

The wife said that their daughter was smitten with her look alike and wanted to take her home with them.

Their little daughter could be seen playing and interacting in baby language with the other girl who looked so much like her.

Social media users were also in agreement with their striking resemblance, and the two girls coincidentally were wearing similar hairstyle.

Check out some reactions gathered …
Constance said: “Thank God the other baby looks older than her if not na hospital straight.”

prityvictor said: “They should exchange contact so they can be future besties.”

so_phia0 said: “I was thinking you’re lying then I had to go to your page and found out it’s true. The hospital has some hidden truth. Btw the babies are cute.”

saratu said: “They be like twins o.”

Annie said: “I’m the mid wife that deliver then after she born I na went to the toilet nd came back.”

Watch video below …


They look so adorable 😍🥰 #baby #adorablebaby #viral

♬ original sound – xo_rukky

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