“They cannot do anything” – Cadet officers says as they keep motorists waiting to flex their powers (video)

Young army trainees were filmed keeping road users waiting while boasting that they can do nothing about it. 

In a video shared online, the cadet officers in uniform are seen standing in the middle of an empty road after ordering motorists to stop. 

They then began boasting that the motorists cannot move without receiving permission from them. 

“It’s our time, it’s our time. They cannot do anything,” one trainee is heard saying. 

“If they try us…,” another says. 

“Their mother! Their father!” Other trainees are heard warning in the video. 

“I will finger f*** your mother,” one cadet officer says on camera. 

The video has sparked outrage, with many calling out the disrespect for the road users they kept waiting. 

Watch the video below.

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