“They are cursing my child because of politics, because I made my own choice to support Tinubu” – Toyin Abraham bursts into tears (Video)

Renowned Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has threatened to arrest people bullying her online following her recent heated argument with an X user on the platform.

There was chaos on social media as some trolls criticized Toyin as many asked her to disclose the great plans President Bola Ahmed Tinubu shared with her during their latest meeting.

The trolls ignited reactions as the movie star blasted them, raining heavy curses on them. In no time, the conversation got intensed as Toyin and the user blasted each other. The user went ahead to curse her family including her 4-year-old son, Ire.

Toyin, who seems unhappy with user’s unhealthy words, quickly shared her story with her fans on Instagram live. Appearing pained with people’s comments about her, she broke into tears while explaining.

According to the beautiful mother of one, internet users have been cursing her family because of her choice in presidency yet she decided not to talk.

Raging with anger, she revealed that the bullies will never scape through as she has got the necessary things to catch them and they will be arrested.

In her words, “I’ve been bullied again, out of everything, you have to bully my child, curse my child. So people are angry that means you have to curse my child, you have to curse my family for what”.

“I have been quiet, my husband will say I should not talk but no. I’m not going to keep quiet anymore. I’m talking this up. You will put out the pictures of my son, my husband and my daughter. You will be cursing them because of politics. Because I made my own choice”.

Watch the video below:

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