“People that don’t agree with Saida Boj are broke men. If you can’t press money, clear” — Nigerian lady

An ardent supporter of Saida Boj has come out to defend her, stating that only broke men resist the messages she has been sharing.

The young lady stood by the teachings of her mentor, saying she cannot be with a man who cannot give her as much as N500k 24 hours after their first meeting.

She claimed many men who are complaining about her demands are broke and cannot afford her.

According to her, rich men will not be so aversive to whatever Saida Boj says because it not a big deal to spend such amount on a woman.

This video has sparked outrage from netizens.

Here are some of the comments under the video

@iamdamiosky said: “Now we need EFCC to start investigating those people pressing 20 million here and there. Are we not in the same economy????”

@Tobillion_1 asked: “How much do you have in your account?”

@Web3Enthusiast0 claimed: “Again for Nigerian women, men are the price. Men will always be the price”

@Ishow_leck opined: “From the way she speaks you’ll know she wants internet fame and also trying to sell her market. Good baddies with money and living classy life don’t shout around like this. It’s always the broke and ugly ones”

@BreakingSparrow commented: “there’s one foolish man spending money on this madam na why..when una stop dey fool yourselves, then women will stop talking like this.”

Watch the video below….

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