“The toy is way better” – Nigerian lady hails her sex toy, says it’s the only thing that satisfies her on bed

A Nigerian lady, Nsikak Effiong, has narrated how a sex toy opened the gate of heaven in her life. 


“Yes! This is a sєж toy! It’s a vibrator actually! In trying to understand and know my body and where my pleasure points are. I decided to buy a toy. The toy is to help me know my body better and after which give my body the required and desired orgasms it needs to function properly,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Monday, February 5, 2024.


Before I got this toy. I honestly thought I’d never ever reach orgasms or be able to fully relate to how it felt. Cos what is the need having sex when you cannot “come”? I got it and used it and that has opened the gate of heavens in my life.


This one I bought is 2 edge swords aka 2 ways to dіє. The vibrating part (the round head) is used on the c|it and the tongue part that actually looks like a tongue tickles the c|it or “nimpus” till orgasm or squirts comes calling. 


This particular toy comes with 2 big suckers. (I didn’t snap them). When I fix it on. It would suck just like a man would. It can also be used on the bгєasts and would suck and grab the bгєasts like a man would. Yes! Enjoyment.


Sєж toys can do a whole lot of good for both men and women. Esp women.


I know there are a lot of misconception about adult toys but why do you care.


If you find it hard reaching orgasm or you have never had an orgasm ever in your life. Get a sєж toy. It will help you understand your body. Understand where your points are. Understand what gets you high. 


Understand how you truly need to be worked on. And finally make you understand you’re perfectly normal. No one has ever used a toy and did not reach orgasm. No one! In using a toy, you can also help your partner know where you like it most and this way your sеж life would be better than the one you have already.


You can get a toy if you want to be freakier in bed. If you want to explore your sєж life with your partner. If you want to try new things in bed. Introducing sex toys is not out of place. Please know this. Don’t be shy to use it with your partner.


You can get a toy as a man for your partner. If you cannot make her cum (it’s nothing to be ashamed of) as most women can never cum through the normal way anyways. Then help her by getting a toy. You can both agree it should only be used when you’re there. 


If you’re hardly satisfied and would like to achieve pleasure in more ways possible. Get a sєж toy. If you’re single, you need one as well.

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