Teacher who got into fight with student over phone quits teaching for good

A teacher seen getting into a fight with a student over a confiscated phone in a viral video has quit the profession for good.


Substitute teacher Xaviera Steele quit her teaching career after the altercation on April 17.


However, she ruled out the possibility of launching a racy new career on OnlyFans – a suggestion people made while commenting on her derriere which was exposed as she fought with the rude student.


She said emphatically: “OnlyFans is out of the question! I’m not that kind of lady. I grew up in church.”


Footage uploaded to Twitter showed a physical fight between Steele and the student, who was upset at the teacher for taking her phone. 


Once Steele had restrained the student, she called for help, asking someone to get another teacher.


Reaction to the clip was mixed with some defending Steele, and some supporting the student, saying the teacher had overreacted.


Others were distracted by the teacher’s backside.


In a separate video posted to social media, Steele defended her actions, saying that in her career teaching, she had never attacked by a student like that before.


“In all my 22 years, never have I ever experienced what I experienced this Monday,” she said.


“I’ve never been attacked by young folks. I love young people. This is why I work with them. I have a heart for them. That young lady attacked me and she went for blood.”


According to Steele, there have been several incidents at the school in recent months including a teacher having a gun pulled on her and two others being knocked out by kids.


“As much as I love the kids, I cannot put my life or my livelihood in danger, anymore. I will be saying goodbye to this profession,” she added.

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