Sudan crisis: 10 Nigerians among 2,544 evacuated to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has evacuated a total of 2,544 persons from Sudan following the outbreak of a military conflict in the country.

Among the  2,544 persons evacuated from Sudan, 119 are Saudi citizens while 2,425 are from 74 countries including 10 from Nigeria.

This was disclosed in a press release issued by the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Nigeria on Friday, April 28.

It reads in part, “In continuation of the evacuation efforts being made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the directives of the Kingdom’s Leaderships, more evacuees continue to arrive at Jeddah Port from the Republic of Sudan on Thursday, bringing the total number of evacuees from Sudan since the evacuations began at approximately 2544 persons, 119 are Saudi citizens while 2425 are from 74 countries among which 10 are from Nigeria.

“The evacuees are from the following nationalities: Nigeria, Netherlands, Russia, and Lebanon. Norway, USA, Turkey, Serbia, Poland, Germany, India, Georgia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sweden, Uzbekistan, UK, Ireland, Kenya, Philippines, Ethiopia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Pakistan, Oman, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Mauritania, Yemen, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Armenia, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Tanzania, Djibouti, Cape Verde, Congo, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Somalia, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Croatia, Nicaragua, Liberia, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Chad, Niger, Sri Lanka and Thailand.”

The statement said the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been working to provide all the necessary basic needs of foreign nationals who have been evacuated, in preparation for facilitating their departures to their countries.

“Furthermore, the Kingdom7 would continue to assist in organising and coordinating the evacuation operations around the clock, to ensure the safe exit of civilians from all nationalities.

“The Kingdom, together with friendly countries, encourages the establishment of armistices and opening of humanitarian corridors, as well as protection of the civilians. The Kingdom will continue to make every possible effort, to stop the bloodshed, to end the fighting, and return to the path of a political solution in Sudan,” it added.

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