Sick woman in dire need of surgery refuses blood transfusions, says it’s against her belief as a Jehovah Witness

A sick Nigerian woman, who is in dire need of surgery, has refused blood transfusions due to her belief as a Jehovah Witness.

The story was shared by Popular philanthropist, Chigozie Effe.

Chigozie had in a Facebook post on Friday, July 21, sought for advice on what to do after the critically sick woman, refused blood transfusions, stating that it’s against her belief as a Jehovah’s witness.

He wrote:

“Update. Lydia has bluntly refused to accept bl00d transfusions saying it’s against her belief as a JEHOVAH WITNESS. However she opted for a bl00d capsule which didn’t go well with the doctors due to the time and the urgency of the proposed su¥gery.

“Furthermore doctors handling her case in Delta said she needs five pints of bl00d in order to kick off with the su¥gery. We are in confusion as to how to handle this case as the doctors both at the private and public hospitals said her bl00d is low and cant be worked upon and tine us running out. What do we do?”

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