Shock as young man found sitting outside mortuary 8 days after declared dead from drowning

A 17-year-old young man, who had reportedly drowned and was subsequently placed in the hospital’s mortuary, was discovered sitting outside the facility over a week later.

The shocking incident occurred after a 17-year-old identified as Poupog Kevin tragically drowned in the pool of Bellevue Hotel in Douala, Cameroon on Sunday, January 28.

Subsequently, his lifeless body was transported to the mortuary at CEBEC Hospital for preservation.
However, the story took a strange turn when, eight days after he died, mortuary workers found Kevin sitting on a chair outside the mortuary on Monday, February 5th.

What shocked witnesses even more was how Kevin, who was initially brought to the mortuary without clothes, was now wearing a white robe and underwear.

Louis Maries Mbella, the head mortician at CEBEC Hospital, recounted the unsettling discovery, stating that he was alerted by a security guard in the early hours of Monday morning.

Louis Maries Mbella described how he approached the young man outside, only to realize with shock that it was indeed Kevin, who had been entrusted to the mortuary’s care just days prior.

“It was around 3am (Monday) when the security guard knocked at my door to inform me that someone had taken a chair to sit outside. I approached the young man and asked him, ‘Why did you take this chair outside, and when they asked you refused to react?’ He said nothing,” Louis Maries Mbella said.

“I now put on my phone’s torch light and pointed at him, that is when I discovered that it was the young man who died last Sunday. I went inside to check if truly he was the one and I discovered that he was not where we had embalmed and left him. All those inside were naked but he was outside, eyes closed, but he was smiling,” he added.

According to eyewitnesses, Kevin, born in 2006, purportedly uttered the words, “Anne, you promised me.”

However, the deceased’s mother, Catherine Kouete, expressed skepticism about the incident, refusing to believe that her son could move or speak after spending a week in the mortuary.

“How can a dead body move like that and sit on a chair? It doesn’t sound well to me. I think it is a setup. I don’t know… we have never seen this,” the grieving mother told reporters.

In response to the skepticism, Louis Maries Mbella, the Chief Mortician, revealed that this was not the first time they had encountered strange occurrences with bodies under their care.

He disclosed that sometimes they discover bodies have moved from the positions where they were initially placed.

After the shocking discovery, the clothes, underwear, and socks worn by Kevin were set on fire, and the teenager’s body was returned to the mortuary after traditional rites were performed in the presence of his grieving family.

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