Secondary school student caught changing her clothes in keke napep to visit man in hotel (Video)

A video of a secondary school female student going to meet with a man at an unnamed hotel has gone viral online.

The girl, whose name and face have not been revealed, was seen removing her school uniform and changing into a red gown before entering the hotel.

The video has sparked outrage among social media users, who have condemned the girl’s actions.

Some have expressed concern for the girl’s safety, while others have criticized her for her behavior.

The hotel where the meeting took place has not been identified. It is unclear what the girl and the man discussed or did during their meeting.

The video has been shared thousands of times on social media, and it has generated a wide range of reactions.

See some reactions below:

@Endie: “secondary school get this full package.”

@odugbobernice: “Teenagers are doing a lot and parents needs to be watchful. They is this particular student that comes to see a man in my compound during school hours.”

@EMPEROR: “omo na SETH HOTEL ooooo, normally things dey happen for this hotel.”

@okuchibuike: “Whyv she come look like my ex?? Well her life no concern me again.”

@Bella_Doll: “Amebo oo them go tire. wetin you no see you say you see am oo. someone should complete the lyrics.”

@MIPI: “no be u she dey go meet abi because say u tell her make she wait for bar or receptionist say u dey come.”

@Beloved: “Omo camera everywhere person no fit just waka freely for road again.”

Watch video below:

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