Premier League footballer accused of raping a woman in her 20s has bail extended

A Premier League and international footballer accused of r3ping a woman in her 20s has had his bail extended with next season just over a month away.


The sportsman, 30, who was arrested in Barnet and cannot be named for legal reasons, could begin the 2023/24 campaign with the accusation still hanging over him.


He was arrested on July 4 last year after a woman in her 20s alleged that he had r3ped her.


The Metropolitan Police told MailOnline that the star’s bail had been extended until August.


The next season begins on Friday, August 11.


The Met previously said: ‘On July 4, an allegation of r3pe of a woman in her 20s was reported to police.

‘It was reported the alleged rape happened in June 2022.

‘On July 4, a 29-year-old man was arrested at an address in Barnet on suspicion of r3pe and taken into custody.

‘While in custody, he was further arrested on suspicion of two incidents of rape that were alleged to have been committed in April and June of 2021, against a different woman in her 20s.

‘No further action will be taken in relation to the offence in June 2021 but the investigation into the remaining offences is ongoing.’

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