“Polygamy aside, my husband is odogwu” – Regina Daniel

In a recent interview, Regina Daniels has described her husband, Ned Nwoko, as an “odogwu” and mentioned some of his remarkable attributes.

According to her, Ned does not want her to do anything strenuous.

She disclosed in the BBC pidgin interview that the lovely things he does online account for just a fraction of what he does in real life.

Regina Daniels alleged that anytime she decides to cook for the family, he becomes enraged and attempts to persuade her to quit because he wants her life to be easy.

The mother of two also stated that each time she requests something, he makes sure he gets it for her.

Despite being a polygamist, Regina Daniels does not mind as she is well taken care of and is married to a man that loves a lot.

When it comes to her work, they made the rule of one parent staying with the kids so whenever she has to work, she tells him beforehand and he cancels all his prior engagements to stay with the children.

The 23 year old added she lives a very comfortable life, her children have a good father and she has a husband that loves her very much.

Watch her speak below:

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