‘No one is hotter than me’ – Rapper Speed Darlington

Rapper Speed Darlington recently shared  that he does not consider Davido to be one of his preferred artists.

During an episode of the ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ podcast, the controversial rapper was quizzed about his top artists excluding Davido, to which he candidly responded that the DMW boss does not make the cut for him.

When the host, Bae U Barbie, inquired, “Apart from Davido, who is your favourite artist?”

Darlington further admitted that his online outburst about winning a Grammy was a result of being under the influence of illicit substances.

He assured his listeners that he remains dedicated to his aspiration of one day running for the presidency in Nigeria, emphasizing his belief that politicians in the country are experts in electoral fraud.

According to Speed Darlington, a leader should be chosen by the people rather than imposing themselves on the electorate.

“President is picked by the people, a president doesn’t force himself on to the people,” he stated.

He also declared himself to be the number 1 musician in West Africa.

He stated:

“I am the number one musician/celebrity in West Africa. No one is hotter than me”.

Speed Darlington had earlier addressed comparisons with fellow artist Portable, emphasizing that he is a more established artist and should not be compared to others.

He highlighted his ability to conduct his business without issues, unlike Portable, who recently faced legal troubles.

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