“Omugwo is not vacation” – Lady drags mother-in-law for over staying during visit (Video)

A Nigerian lady has vented her anger over how some mother-in-laws use “Omugwo” as a vacation and overstay during visits.

She said in a video that the mother-in-law ought to be providing help and support during their visit for Omugwo, not expecting the son’s wife to cook and clean.

The woman underlined how critical it is to acknowledge the toll that childbirth has on women’s bodies and minds.

She also spoke specifically to African men, advising them to defend their spouses and speak out for their postpartum welfare.

She restated that it was unjust to force women to shoulder all of the family duties and obligations at this critical juncture.

She went on to say that husbands should actively support and take care of their spouses, making sure they get the help and relaxation they need.

Video below….


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