“No one is touching me when it comes to love songs” – Joe Boy

Afrobeat artist Joe Boy, whose real name is Joseph Akinwale, has recently taken to the X-Platform to boast about his musical prowess.

He expressed that when it comes to love songs, no one was touching him. He further stated that nobody was touching him now or tomorrow.

Core fans of artists such as Chike, Rick Hassani and Johnny Drille who are known for their love songs, came out in the comment section to dispute his claims. However, others also accepted that his statement was completely true.

Back in February of 2024, Joe Boy had revealed his spec in a woman. Replying to a tweet where a Twitter warrior pointed out the fact that his songs were always short, he revealed that he likes his songs the way he likes his women, short, sweet, and sexy.

Also, a few months back, a twitter user had compared Joe Boy to Tems. Following the cover page of their singles, Joe Boy immediately seized the occasion to announce his Christianity as he expressed that the person who did it better is none other than Jesus.

This came after the fan compared the image of him standing on water to that of Tems standing on water.

Now also recall that Tems had also come out to dispute claims that she had gotten her inspiration from the water goddess. She revealed that her inspiration came from God while she boldly declared her Christian status.

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