Nigerian police officers stirs reaction as they flaunt their expensive iPhones (Video)

A group of Nigerian police officers have stirred reactions from netizens as they show off their expensive iPhones in a viral video.

The police officers were shown in the video standing in a circle wearing their uniforms and holding out their phones.

Since they can’t afford an iPhone with their police job, some online users questioned their genuine occupation. others conjectured that their previous victims, the yahoo boys, are now their clientele.

Check out some reactions below:
Algorithm noted: “Na poverty make people think say iPhone na achievement”

T. asked: “How long will they have to work to get this phone legit. 99% of them don’t have side hustle, so how?”

Ooni of twitta queried: “Do we also have the right to ask them how they got the money to buy such expensive phones?”

Konig Timz stated: “Them don catch Yahoo boys come turn Yahoo boys to client😂”

Abd’Aziz said: “Yahoo boys wèy they disguise as police officer”


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