Nigerian man reveals how he disciplined his little sister for smoking in his house

A Nigerian man has shared the disciplinary act he meted out on his little sister after finding out that she smokes in his house.

He said that he entered her room on one fateful day and saw a smoked cigarette stick on the floor, which infuriated him.

The man known on Twitter as Orionete, said his sister was in the University at the time but she was staying with him.

He said that he waited for her to return home after making the discovery and on entering the house, he gave a thunderous slap.

According to him, it was totally unacceptable for someone he was training and sponsoring in school to be living a wayward life under his roof.

Orionete added that she is now married with three children. He said that was the first and last time he raised his hand on a woman.

In his words; “One morning I walked into my sisters room who came to spend holiday with me in my mid twenties and found a smoked cigaret stick. I couldn’t hold my anger. I patiently waited until she came home. Opening the door came with a resounding and resetting slap that was my first and the last time I raised hand on a lady.

Thank God she is comfortably married today with 3kids. This happened during her early university days and the funny thing is that I was the one sponsoring her education and you are smoking, in my apartment. Who taught you that?”

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