Nigerian man narrates how younger brother was kidnapped for N20k ransom

A Nigerian man recently shares disturbing incident involving his younger brother’s abduction by unknown individuals revealed to be kidnappers

The kidnappers initially demanded a ransom of 100,000 naira, but after his mother intervened and negotiated with them, they agreed to reduce the amount to 20,000 naira.

His statement reads “Kid bro kidnapped! There is an alarming level of hunger in Nigeria. Yesterday, I received a call from my mom informing me that my younger brother had been kidnapped. The kidnappers contacted my dad, who then reached out to me.”

“I decided to call them to inquire about their demands, but my impatience got the best of me, so my mom had to speak with them instead. We anticipated that they would ask for a ransom, which they indeed did, and it was a shocking revelation.”

“They instructed my mom to bring 100,000 naira, but she negotiated and ultimately ended up paying 20,000 naira to the Pos account they provided. After the transfer was made, my brother was released.”

“When my friend learned about my brother’s kidnapping, he was taken aback upon hearing that we had paid only 20,000 naira. This incident highlights the desperate state of hunger prevailing in the area, which drives people to engage in criminal activities. We were lucky!”

This revelation has prompted a significant response from readers, who have taken to the comment section to express their thoughts and reactions.

See some reactions below:

@Dera_Myles: “The level of hunger in the whole country is high. My cousin was kidnapped. They requested 1.5M. The mother had to bargain. They later settled at 200,000. Thank God your brother is safe.”

@ifechuzzy: “Truly, it all about hunger and jobless that’s exactly what P. O said but We thank God for the life of your brother.”

@harajuku_sandie: “It’s very rampant in Lagos. To you 20k might be small but consider that they might have more than 1 victim at a time. Let’s say they have 20 victims whose families all pay 20k, that’s 400k a day, if they continue consistently like that, they’ll be wealthy before 2023 is over.”

@LuckyMenuchimso: “A man has been apreheded in my area for selling his three children for 500k each. He couldn’t feed them or himself, so for them not to die of starvation he had to sell them off. Acute Hunger, severe depression, lack, prostituting, fraud, stealing, sad face, anger etc.”

@AmocheJ: “If they received the money through POS account provided, am sure someone has the BVN to that account and must have given the money to someone but our police no dey sabi investigate that one rather them go still collect extra from your parent again. na from 20k e go enter 20m.”

@Ekissman: “Thank God for his release. I will like to add that when the Nigerian youths are tired of the hunger, they know what to do.We need to topple this thieves who are impoverishing the masses. ARE YOU NOT TIRED YET OH YE YOUTHS?”

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