”Please l really need advice from everyone” – Lady cries out as boyfriend asks for transport money whenever he wants to visit her

Lady in a dilemma as she considers dumping her boyfriend who always asks for transport fare before visiting her.

The unknown lady took to her social media page to elucidate her dilemma with hopes of gaining insights from netizens.

She revealed that she’s in a relationship with a guy who always asks her for money for transport before visiting her.

The lady explained that she has no issue with this, but the frequency of the request is making it seem like she’s dating herself.

She wonders whether the feelings is genuine or whether he’s using her, and if perhaps she should ghost him.

Read the narrative below …

“Please l really need advice 🙏 from everyone

l am in a relationship going to three months now am staying alone and his staying with his family in a three bed room flat
Since we started dating l have been the one doing every little things l can in my own way

Am 23 his 24
l can’t say if this is love or his with me because of something
Me doing things for him is not a problem at all am ok with it

Where l really need advice is anytime he want to visit me
He will ask if l have any cash with me for tp when we started dating l do see it as maybe he do not have
His still trying to meet up but it becoming too much and his place to mine is just 400 or 500

So as usual this evening he wanted to come visit not as if l don’t have cash with me but his making me feel somehow like the relationship is about him like am the only one dating myself
When he ask if l have my response was klno

Next reply from him his l don’t have anything with me too truth maybe we can see tomorrow since there is no money

Sometime if he want to visit l will send him 10k or 6k to buy things for the both of us to chill and talk about our life laugh together and other things

Please l don’t know if you all understand my point l’m trying to help in my own little way but he shouldn’t be the one asking

please you all should advise me on what to do maybe l should just ghost him

Thank you all my second family 🙏💕”

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