Nigerian lady narrates how a friend’s sister found out her husband is a ”ghost” after two years of marriage and one child

A Canada-based Nigerian lady said she is reeling from shock after a mutual friend’s sister found out she married a ‘’ghost.”

According to her, the couple have been married for two years and have a child.

She also claimed to have sent gifts to their child when he was born.

“I heard the most shocking news today!!! A mutual friend’s sister just found out she married a ghost & they have a son together. Are ghosts real? How was he able to impregnate her? I have questions,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“Akuko a li mu onu. Meaning: this story chop my mouth. I’m shocked beyond my imagination. Yo! I saw the family picture. Again, how can a ghost get someone pregnant biko nu?

“Before you marry anybody, make sure you ask questions. Allow your parents to do their research. You might be getting married to a ghost,

“He wanted a small wedding (2-4 people in attendance). The people this man brought are not his family members. They were new friends he made in a new state in Nigeria. Turned out he was a ghost after 2 years of marriage and a 1-year-old child. This is too much.”

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