Never tell people how you are making money so they won’t burn the bakery – Portable (Watch)

Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable in a new video shares his words of wisdom and insights to his fans and followers.

In the short video, Portable urges Nigerians never to tell people how they are making money stressing most people sometimes want absolutely nothing but downfall of successful people.

In the message, Portable who wears a serious face while dishing it iut said people source of income should be kept on the low.

According to Portable, telling people how you’re making your bread can result in people pouring Ewa Igoyin (beans) in it so that the bread can quickly finish.

Backing up his point, Portable added that some wicked people can go to the extent of killing the baker and burning the bakery so that it will resulted in a dead end for the man.

Watch the video of Portable below;

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