“Never go out with kids without wearing trousers, because boys will just make you go nuts in public” – Regina Daniels sends message to boy mums

Nollywood actress and wife of Senator, Regina Daniels has sent an important message to mothers with boys.

While sharing breathtaking photos of herself, the movie star stated that as a boy mum, one should never go out with the kids without wearing trousers.

Giving reasons, she noted how boys always make one go nuts in public, and as such, it’s important that one be alert, so they wouldn’t end up going nuts and looking like a princess.

Regina Daniels questioned who else could relate with her, as she noted how she wasn’t the only one who experienced such.

“As a boy mum, never go out with the kids without wearing trousers. Ha !!!! Because boys will just make you go nuts in public and you wouldn’t wanna be going nuts and looking like a princess ….
Who can relate? Except it happens to only me which I highly doubt”.

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Taking to her comment section, many concurred with her as they also shared their similar experience.

One Latest Blessing wrote, “I swear down, not only you ooo but not just boys but girls. Especially a boy and a girl.

One Queen Regina Designs wrote, “Even as a girl mum, don’t go out with kids wearing a dress

One Hajaraa wrote, “I have girls and all I can say is same, they are all the exercise I need

One Abimps wrote, “Truth, you just have to look smart and ready for whatever they bring in public

One Lopez Maureen wrote, “I can relate. I have 3 boys, I know what you’re talking about. The Lord is our strength

One Amadiva Bridals wrote, “I can definitely relate, it’s never easy oh. But keep that aside you are making this mum of boys thing look super easy”.

A few weeks back, while stepping out in style with her sons, Regina Daniels had expressed shock at her 3-year-old styling skills.

The mum of two revealed that her son, Munir, had styled her for their latest mummy and sons’ outing, and all of her outfit from head to toe was his idea.

According to her, her son’s styling skills made her look like a teenager, which got her several sexual advances from young men.

The mother of two is already teaching her children the importance of savings as early this year, expressed excitement as she taught her sons how to adopt the habit of saving.

Regina Daniels revealed in February that she was already inculcating in her sons, the habit of saving, as she delighted fans with a video of her and her sons saving for the year.

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