“My mum is a single mother and I’m also a single mother, we didn’t plan to but circumstances occurred” — Lady boasts (Video)

Young lady who is a single mother educates trolls about life circumstances as she shows her mom who is a single parent too.

A TitToker identified as @BolaGhold set tongues wagging over her declaration as a single mother who is also a product of the same.

Lady and her mother who are single mothers. Credit: BolaGhold / TikTok.

Bola affirmed that no hurtful tantrums can be thrown at her as she had done the same to herself until she adjusted to her fate.

“My mum is a single mother, and I’m also a single mother. Watin you wan take insult me again?” 
she wrote.

Sharing the video on her page, she added, “If you think you can bully me 😜 me i kuku insult myself, der is nothing special about this we didn’t plan to ever be a single mother but circumstances occure 👌 so we have to adjust our 👑💯.”

Her comment session, however, was filled with empathy from many who prayed for her and hoped for a better circumstance.

“Being a single mother is not d end of life and it does not stop from doing what he intends doing in your life..ur happiness doesn’t depends on marriage,”
a social media user wrote in reply.

Another added, “I love seeing this than one woman kill her husband oooo, my dear i walk out of hell and make money,am looking fine.”

Watch the video below …

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