“I am dating multiple men at the same time but not sleeping with them” – Actress Dorcas Fapson reveals (Video)

Nollywood actress and disc jockey Dorcas Shola Fapson, better known as DSF, has stunned the internet as she revealed her love life.

In an interview with Most Abebe and Tolanibaj on the podcast, Bahd and Boujee, she disclosed that she is currently dating multiple men at the same time. However, DSF made it known that she wasn’t sleeping with them at the same time.

“I am a sexy bad bitch; I don’t hide it. I am dating multiple men at the same time, but I am not sleeping with multiple men at the same time. I have been doing interviews”.

Her bombshell revelation has left many dragging the disc jockey, with some calling her a prostītute.

One MC Ibori wrote, “She not sleeping with them, she is just waking up from bed with them

One Alien36060 wrote, “I actually find it funny how prostitution is not called being a bad bitch

One Natasha Blessing Rasaq wrote, “She say she dey interview them. What if all of them pass the interview

One The Main Man 1963 wrote, “Parentless behaviour

One Sungwho12 wrote, “They always find a way to glorify PROSTITUTION, and we have men taking this woman seriously

One Damileskiy wrote, “Ladies’ revenge to pepper their ex is always funny. Multiple men, so our guy will feel bad. Lmaoo jokes on you and your body

One King Igbuan wrote I like her boldness”

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