Give your first salary to your father for his blessing not your pastor – Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo says as he shares a video of him blessing his son

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has urged young people to ensure they give their first salaries to their fathers for his blessings and not their pastors. 


The actor who recently introduced his son Clinton Mbaise into the world of filmmaking, shared a video of his son presenting him with the N50,000 he made featuring in a movie.


In a video shared, Kanayo said observing this culture from the ancestors has led to the progress of many people in the country. He emphasized that only a father can bless his child.


“I want to observe a culture from our ancestors which has led to the progress of many people you see today, ”Father blessing.’ Clinton my son just concluded a few production management with us and he has earned his first salary, his first salary is N50,000 for a movie.


Clinton from your pocket in the N50,000 give me N500. The first salary of a young man, he goes to his father to say Nnayi my salary is N50,000, the father may decide to take the entire money, he may also decide to take any amount and his father will now bless him.


The idea of his father asking him to know the salary is, so his father would teach him financial management.


All you going to pastors to give your salary, you are wasting your time, is not part of our culture.”


Watch the video below…


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