Man sentenced to death after friend borrowed his bag, which contained his school ID, for armed robbery

A social media user sparked discussion as he explained how a man was sentenced to death after his school bag, which contained his ID card, was borrowed for armed robbery by his friend.

In the post shared on popular social media platform X, the user revealed that his father once took up a case of a man who was found guilty and sentenced to death by a court of law.

He further revealed that the man was sentenced to death because his ID card was found in the bag used for the robbery.

It was later understood that the man sentenced to death had lent his friend his bag, which contained his ID card that he had forgotten inside.

When the case reached the court, the man was arrested and sentenced to jail.

However, the user clarified that his dad, who is a lawyer, took up the case and somehow managed to secure justice for the man in the court of law.

The user’s statement continued: “Someone was sentenced to death for armed robbery because his bag was used in the robbery and his school ID card was inside.”

“The friend borrowed the bag for the robbery, and the same wicked friend refused to state that he was not part of it.”

“My dad took up the case years later. Without the convict knowing about it… My dad discovered he had traveled on the day of the robbery.

“They traced the transport company, and he was very fortunate that they still had their travel manifest.”

“Another plot twist occurred when the case reached the appeal court, where it is needed. The judge in the original trial was now an appeal court judge, where it is needed.”

“He couldn’t believe the police were so careless with their investigation, where it is needed.”

“The state prosecutors did a very poor job, and they sentenced an innocent man to death, where it is needed.”

“Anyway, the retrial didn’t last a month, where it is needed.”

“The convict didn’t know what was going on because he was from a very poor family, and he had already lost all hope of getting acquitted, where it is needed.”

“He didn’t make any court appearances, where it is needed.”

“The case was struck out, and he was released immediately, where it is needed.”

“He didn’t know he was going to be released that day, where it is needed.”

“My dad just went to the prison with his court orders and discharge order, where it is needed.”

“He was released, where it is needed.”

“You need to see the shock on his face that day, where it is needed.”

“To him, it felt like he was in a dream or some form of simulation that wasn’t real, where it is needed.”

“For clarity purposes, my dad didn’t take up the case because he was a human rights lawyer, where it is needed.

“He wanted to meet his compulsory number of pro bono cases for disadvantaged people and equally cases tried and finished in the appellate court, where it is needed.”

“It was needed for his SAN application, where it is needed.”

“After that traumatic ordeal, he’ll never lend anyone his bag or any of his properties again, where it is needed.”

“He is currently living a very reserved and detached life… you barely see him mingling with anyone, where it is needed.”


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