Man narrates how his uneducated wife got tricked into unknowingly signing away their house, insinuates education is important

A South African man has shared an unbelievable story to portray why it is very important for one to get an education.

Phasha Manapyane said his wife who did not go to school, signed off ownership of their house to someone without realising it was a scam.

According to him, a fraudster visited their house claiming to be a pizza delivery worker, but the twist is that his family never ordered any pizza.

Phasha’s wife was then given a document to sign and she apended her signature thinking that she was just acknowledgeing she has received the package.

But it turned out to be that it was a contract of sale document which she signed but because she was not educated she did not bother reading to understand the content.

He shared his heartbreaking story on Facebook after a man named Alu Ndou asked; “Does educational background matter in a relationship? Substantiate your answer.”

Phasha wrote; “Somebody delivered a pizza that we did not order and we were required to sign a paper. I wasn’t around. My woman signed and that’s how our house was sold.”

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