“Let’s learn to tolerate each other, that’s the only way we can grow together” – Mary Njoku

Founder of ROK TV and actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has taken note of how African women are always petty to each other.

In a message addressed to them, Mary noted how hearsay has ruined a lot of relationships as the majority tend to feed into rumors.

She further noted how women tend to get angry over little things like text messages, and much more.

Admonishing them, she told them to channel the same energy they use in tolerating men to tolerate their gender.

According to her, that’s the only way they can grow.

“African women are so PETTY to each other. Small misunderstanding, 5 years of Malice. “I heard you said I am yellow” Are you Green?

I texted you but you ignored” There is a chance I missed it.

You think you are better than me” Sister! How do you know what I am thinking? You dey inside my head?

She said, you said, I heard what you said” has destroyed Sisterhood.

Dem say Dem say if she didn’t/can’t say it to your face, rest.
Let’s learn to tolerate each other the way we tolerate our men. That’s the ONLY way we can grow together”.

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