”Leave now before it gets too late” – Angela Eguavoen warns those in abusive relationship

Nigerian actress and producer, Angela Eguavoen, has advised people who are in abusive relationships to leave their partners when they still can.

The thespian asserted that if a man or woman stays with a partner that abuses them, they can lose themselves without realising it.

Angela Eguavoen stated this in an interview, emphasising that anybody who makes their spouse feel less about themself is not a hallmark of love.

She said;

“My advice to people in abuse relationships is that they should never to remain in it. Leave before it gets too late. A spouse constantly making you feel lesser than yourself is not love. That is a narcissist!c behavior, and if one remains there, one will lose oneself without knowing it.”

Speaking on how she manages her mental health when a movie performs below expectations, the filmmaker said she believes that it is a gradual process that will pay off eventually. Eguavoen said;

“I don’t do any particular thing to maintain my mental health when a film does not do well. But, I always tell myself that filmmaking is a lifelong investment. Different platforms come up every now and then, and people always want to consume content. So, if one does not make money immediately, it is always going to come back one way or the other.”

In other news, Moyo Lawal has revealed why she didn’t mark her birthday this year.

The curvy light-skinned actress who was born on the second of January said it was because she has vowed to try new things this year.

Moyo Lawal added that she simply did what she would have done if she wasn’t in the spotlight.

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