Lady seeks advice as she discovers her best friend is HIV positive and keeps having unprotected sex

A lady has come to the general public to seek for advice upon discovering her best friend is HIV positive and still sleeps with her numerous boyfriends without protection.

She shared this with a popular women community leader, diaryofanaijagirl, on Instagram.

The lady explained how she went to her friend’s place to get some documents which was when she realized her friend was diagnosed with HIV since 2020.

She immediately confronted her friend who despite her diagnosis continued to have unprotected sex with her many boyfriends.

However, the friend got mad at her, claiming she didn’t care about her own mental health and asked her to leave her home.

The young lady is distraught as she is quite familiar with some of these men, some who are married and one of whom is her boss who her friend had an abortion last year.

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