Khosi replies Blue Aiva’s fan who trolled her over the amount she gave to charity in her home town (Details)

The winner of Big Brother Titans reality TV show Khosi Twala has replied an overzealous fan of her colleague Blue Aiva who openly tr0lled her over the amount of money she gave to charity in her hometown Newcastle.

The Blue Aiva fan with the username Blue Diamond commented on Khosi’s tweet in his or her native language saying Khosi gave just R1000 to the charity.

The troll wrote: “Ngegrosa njeh yeR1000 Umuntu segala ifoundation kahleni bo”.

In English, it says: “Just because you bought a R1000 grocery you now think you can start a foundation”.

Replying to the troll Khosi said he or she forgot to add 0 to the figures.

” You left a Zero”, Khosi replied, which means that she gave R10,000 to the Charity home.

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