It’s okay for men to cheat a little, he can sleep with other girls and still love you just the same unlike women – US Influencer

An American social media influencer, Emmy has revealed the condition under which a man can be permitted to cheat on his partner.

She said it is permissible for a man t be unfaithful if he takes very good care of his girlfriend or wife.

According to Emmy, what matters most in the relatinship is him making his lover happy, and i he can achieve this then he would be allowed to cheat in peace.

She stated this in response to another lady who disclosed the ground rules she sets for her boyfriend whenever he goes clubbing without her.

One of the rules states that if he stays close to a girl in the club and it is not more than 1metre apart then it counts as cheating.

But Emmy took to the comment section and wrote; “It’s okay for men to cheat a little if they take care of you and make you happy.”

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