“Is it ok to have sex during pregnancy?” – Google releases its top sex questions of 2023

Google has released its “Year in Search,” a roundup of 2023’s top global queries.

The search engine released its top questions that people had about sex in 2023 and the results might surprise you.

The most googled sex question of 2023 was: “What is the speed bump position?”.

The term was actually popularized after a contestant on “Love Island” brought it up on the series.


The position involves having a pillow placed under a person’s hips as they lie face down, hence the “speed bump” name.

The second-most googled question was from people desperate to know whether it was okay to have sex during pregnancy.

“If your pregnancy is going smoothly, it’s safe to have sex and orgasm while you’re pregnant,” states the Australian parenting website Raising Children.


“You might worry that sex will harm the baby. But your baby is well protected and sealed off in the amniotic sac, so you can’t hurt your baby by having sex.”


Searches for the meaning of “sex positivity” came in third, while people asking why they might be bleeding after sex was the fourth-most asked question.

According to experts, light spotting after having sex on occasion will most of the time simply be the result of skin irritation or vaginal dryness.


Others wanted to know how many dates they should go on before having sex with someone, while some fitness junkies wanted to find out how many calories they burned during intercourse.


One of the most popular questions people wanted to know actually had nothing to do with their own sex lives or anything about their bodies.


How do fishes have sex comes in 10th.

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