“I’m not rich but my wife makes me feel like I’m the richest man in the world, she’s the most supportive person ever” – Man deeply appreciates wife

A Nigerian man simply known as Daniel, has showered accolades on his wife for serving as his backbone while he navigates through the struggles of life.

He said she has been very supportive even though he is not rich and that’s why he thanks God for giving him such a woman.

The husband said he manages to take care of the bills and handle other things expected of him as the head of the house, but despite his financial status, his woman still makes him feel like the richest man in the world.

Daniel went online and revealed that he plans to buy his partner an expensive wig as a show of gratitude and also intends to take her on a vacation to Bali when he has the funds.

The proudly married man vowed to spoil her when he is financially capable of doing as responsibilities are currently giving him big blows.

He said; “This is about appreciation. I thank God for my wife honestly. I’m not rich but I pay my bills and I do what is expected of me. My wife is the most supportive person ever. She makes me feel like i am the richest man in the world.

Even when I feel down because I can’t do one two things, she understands and assures me that things will get better and I’ll be great one day. God knows when I have the resources, I’ll spoil that woman silly.

I’m currently saving to buy her a very good wig as a gift. The ones she have aren’t modern enough and it’s pains me everyday because I really want to spoil the woman silly but responsibilities choke. I always tell her I owe her a much better honeymoon when I blow. I plan to take her to Bali and as God is my witness, I’ll fulfill my vow. Amen.”

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