“I’m alive, my son’s death wasn’t a natural one” – Mohbad’s mum cries out, as she reveals he was never at peace with Naira Marley (Video)

In a remarkable twist of fate, Mobad’s mother has surfaced, refuting previous reports of her demise when her late son was a young boy.

In a widely circulated video, she disclosed that her son’s peace of mind was disrupted after he became associated with Naira MarleyMohbad’s mother expressed her anguish and issued strong curses upon those involved in her son’s tragic demise.

Several days following the tragic passing of Mohbad, his mother has emerged, desperately seeking assistance and shedding light on the harrowing experiences her son endured.

In a viral video that has captivated the masses, the bereaved woman vehemently refuted the erroneous reports of her own demise, noted that she had no idea what he went through in his last days.

Mohbad’s mother proceeded to unleash a torrent of curses upon those individuals directly or indirectly linked to her son’s untimely demise, all while divulging the torment he endured from the moment he became entangled with Naira Marley.

With raw emotion, she disclosed details how the late singer was falsely accused of a crime and she was helpless because she was not given the grace to speak.

Echoing Mohbad’s own account of ingesting an unidentified substance in a glass of water, his mother has tirelessly been in pursuit of answers since that fateful day.

In her heart-rending plea, she beseeched fellow Nigerians to come to her aid during this dark and trying time.

Video below…..

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