I’ll announce my preferred presidential candidate in January 2023 – Gov Wike

Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, says he will start campaigning for his preferred presidential candidate in January 2023.

Wike who is of the PDP has openly expressed his disapproval of Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of his party. He insists that another Northerner cannot be allowed to take over from President Buhari, a Northerner, in 2023.

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration of a flyover in Obi-Akpor LGA, Governor Wike said he will mobilize people “from state to state” for his preferred candidate from January.

“From January next year, I will campaign to my people who they will vote for. So, all of you who have been in suspense and have been saying all kinds of things and abusing me, wait. January has come.

Not only will I tell them where they will vote, I will also move from state to state and tell them why they should vote for people I think they should vote for.

Nothing will happen. So, all of you appearing on television to abuse me, don’t waste your saliva again. January will come. All those of you that tell people you have 40 shoes and 50 wristwatches, the time has come to convert those watches to votes.

Those of you who haven’t been stable, moving from one political party to another — you move from PDP to here, you move from here back to PDP; those of you, who in 2015, you said if they vote for PDP, they are voting for insurgency, corruption — wait.

All of us will reply to tell Nigeria the things you said, how far are they now? Is it the same PDP or a new PDP?”he said

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