“If you are a celebrity supporting APC, you are a huge problem and shouldn’t be celebrated” – Caroline Danjuma blows hot

Nollywood actress, Caroline Hutchins Danjuma has called out celebrities campaigning for APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

While noting the vandalisation and misconduct allegedly caused by APC thugs, Caroline expressed disappointment in celebrities.

The ex wife of billionaire businessman Musa Danjuma, stated that if the likes of Eniola Badmus, Toyin Abraham, and others still root for APC despite all the damages they did, then such celebrities don’t deserve to be celebrated.

Caroline considers them as a huge problem in Nigeria, who don’t deserve the fans they have.

Expressing her disgust, Caroline revealed that she was under AAC when she saw the madness towards LP at several polling units.

Caroline who hates injustice, called out her colleagues for keeping mute because of their pocket.

She opined that this is beyond politics as this is freedom from political slavery.

“If you are a celebrity supporting APC and you can see they are rigging openly with video evidences, yet you still root for them, you are a huge problem to Nigerians and should not be celebrated as a celeb.

Note I was under AAC, when I saw the madness towards LP today… I hate injustice….. If you are a celeb supporting APC’S misconduct and you can’t voice out because of peanuts you are getting….you don’t deserve the fans you have

This is beyond politics, this is freedom from political slavery.. Nigerians deserve a better country.

As much as everyone has the right to vote any candidate, the evidences are appealing.. the fans who made you who you are deserve a better government. Yes you are the problem of Nigerians “.

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