‘If I am to do my wedding again, I won’t use asoebi, chief bridesmaid and groomsmen. It’s waste of money’ – Apostle Suleman

The President of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has criticised those that spend too much money during their wedding.

While speaking to his Church members, Apostle Johnson said that many people does not have money problem but wisdom.

He said that the little money can be managed well if wisdom is applied. He said that a lot of persons spend so much on their wedding which is not necessary.

Apostle Johnson Suleman said “If I am to do my wedding again, I won’t use ‘Asoebi’, chief bridesmaid and groomsmen.” He said that it is a waste of money to use those Asoebi people. He went on to say that he wasted money in buying an outfit for the chief bridesmaid.

Apostle Johnson said that he will hold her wife’s gown since the work of the chief bridesmaid is to hold the gown.

He said that some people use 25 Asoebi girls and 30 groomsmen who do nothing but just to follow the celebrants around. The Man of God said that many people that did wedding 9 years ago are still been owed the money for the Asoebi.

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